Theology and Religious Studies Minor

The minor in theology and religious studies immerses students in the investigation of a fundamental dimension of human experience. Studying theology provides minors the opportunity to reflect on the foundation, historical development and ethical concerns of the Catholic faith and to understand the potential of the Christian faith to influence life in a just society. Studying religion through the prism of multiple disciplines — history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and political science — provides a broad focus to understand culture and geopolitical events.

Students may concentrate their studies around a particular area of focus, such as Islamic, Jewish, and Christian relations; ethics; Asian religions; biblical studies; systematic theology; historical theology; Jewish and Christian relations; and history and material culture. Suggestions for configuring coursework along these lines are available.

As theology and religious studies minors, students acquire important skills essential to any career: how to read carefully, think critically, formulate persuasive arguments and communicate clearly. In addition to theology or religious studies, minors will be well prepared to pursue an advanced degree in education, law, journalism, psychology, sociology, social work, and any other field requiring the breadth of knowledge, critical discernment, creativity and communication skills offered by humanities disciplines.