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Your Future

We define success as more than your first job out of college. 

At Saint Joseph's complete success = fulfillment in life and career. We encourage a lifelong pursuit of learning that allows you to uncover the passions, interests and roles that add up to the greatest version of you.

Revolutionary Education



There’s a reason that the Jesuit brand of education has thrived for more than 500 years. At Saint Joseph’s University, we embrace the Jesuit value of holistic development. Our whole-person approach and call to action that the Jesuits have valued since day one is part of our every day.

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Elements of our Approach

This model of education is designed to help you reach a different kind of success: all-encompassing, triple-threat, I-got-this success. With a curriculum that encourages exploration, faculty that push you to broaden your perspectives, and a city filled with opportunities, we prepare you not just for the future of work, but also for an ever-changing future.

Our Approach

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Future-Proofed Education

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Learning By Doing

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Mentorship & Network