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Julia Lee-Soety, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Donald S. Leitner, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Psychology

Edwin Li, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Susan P. Liebell Ph.D

Associate Professor

Benjamin H. Liebman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chair of Economics

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Lim

Professor and Chair of Aerospace Studies, Commander of AFROTC Detachment 750

Jing Lin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Amy F. Lipton, CFA, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Aisha Damali Lockridge, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Director of Africana Studies

Kim Logio, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology

Melissa A. Logue, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Joseph L. Lombardi, S.J., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

John Longo, M.A. M.S.

Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator

John B. Lord, Ph.D.

Professor, Director, Sports Marketing

Deborah Lurie, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mathematics, Director, Actuarial Science Program

George A. Lutzow

Visiting Instructor

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