International Relations Major

Knowledge of world affairs and trends is essential in today’s global environment. The goal of the international relations program is to help you develop the tools you will need to succeed in your future, whether that be in the corporate world, education, government or diplomatic service, the non-profit sector, law school or graduate school.

The international relations faculty is a dedicated and energetic group who take the role of the teacher-scholar very seriously. Respected as experts in their fields, publishing books and articles and attending conferences around the world, the faculty craft excellent courses and make interesting and interactive classroom presentations.

Requiring introductory or foundational classes in economics, history and political science, the program gives students a multidisciplinary perspective on regional and global issues. At the upper division level, students explore relevant phenomenon – like social protest movements, colonialism, globalization, revolution, authoritarianism and democracy, war and peace – that most interest them. The program also makes the teaching and development of research and writing skills explicit while sharpening presentation and analytic skills.

In addition, students often pursue a minor, especially in a foreign language, history, economics, political science and Latin American, Asian or European studies. Many majors choose to spend a semester abroad, take a summer study tour or intern locally or in Washington, D.C.

Graduates of the program have become corporate executives, attorneys, policy specialists, advocates in non-profits, teachers and government employees.


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