Political Science Major

The study of politics introduces students to the way public affairs are conducted on local, regional, national and international levels. At Saint Joseph’s, the political science major incorporates both humanistic and scientific approaches in its curriculum. It familiarizes students with the main branches of contemporary political science, from the timeless classics of political thought to the current issues affecting regional, national and world politics. Students become aware of the increasing interconnectedness between domestic affairs and international trends and developments.

Political science majors are typically fascinated with current events and want to learn more about both what is happening and why. Class sizes are generally small, allowing students and faculty to develop strong relationships. Many students pursue a minor in related disciplines, such as history, economics, English, philosophy, or a foreign language, and majors frequently study abroad.

The program encourages students to become involved with two distinct types of internship opportunities. The Philadelphia Area Internship Program supports student internships in a public sector, private sector or non-government organization (NGO) in the Philadelphia area. Students interested in national or international government participate in a Washington, D.C. internship program through the Washington Center. Interns work for government agencies, partisan and advocacy groups, lobbying firms, media outlets and more, gaining meaningful work experience in the political realm.

The political science major offers a solid foundation for graduate and legal studies. Graduates work in a wide variety of fields, including law, education, social services, communications, diplomacy, business and politics.