Religious Studies Major

Saint Joseph's students serve the local and global community.

Around the globe, choices motivated by religion affect political campaigns, voting habits and election outcomes. The religious studies program recognizes religion as both a fundamental dimension of human experience and as a practical concern in today’s world. Studying religion through the prism of multiple disciplines – history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and political science – provides a broad focus to understand culture and geopolitical events.

The program encompasses diverse forms of belief and practice in the many contexts in which they are found. As a major, your work will center on one or more non-Christian religions. The faculty will engage you in serious and critical study of religious experience, practice, thought and inquiry, both in the historic and contemporary world. Noted experts in their areas of specialization, the faculty are involved in several cross-disciplinary programs. Because the department is relatively small, students can develop close relationships with faculty, who take into account each person’s individual needs and interests.

By choosing to major in religious studies, you will acquire the same skills as a major in any other liberal arts discipline. You will learn to read carefully, think critically, formulate strong arguments and communicate clearly: all skills that will serve you well in any career path. You are encouraged to seek internships with government agencies, local businesses and non-profits through the Career Development Center. Recent graduates have chosen careers in education, social work, non-profit organizations, or have gone on to law school or graduate school in religion.