Faith-Justice Studies Minor

As a faith-justice studies minor, you will be challenged to consider existing social beliefs and priorities in light of Gospel values and faith-based social justice traditions. This interdisciplinary, self-designed minor enables you to integrate your major area of study with inquiries into faith and social justice issues. Any student is welcome to enroll in its courses, regardless of declaring a minor.

Faith-justice classes are designed to engage you directly with community based learning and to analyze institutions and social structures, questioning the prevailing systems of thought or action that contribute to modern-day social problems. Students are also presented with alternative models that challenge current modes of thinking and provide creative steps toward social transformation, gaining tools for acting as faithful citizens in a more just society.

Courses are distinctive because they focus on intentional learning, civic participation and personal transformation for all involved. In addition, each semester offers a faith-justice studies series course, which focuses on a current social justice issue. Past offerings include Philadelphia: In Black and White, Food and Justice, Deconstructing Youth Violence, Ethics and Global Economics and Environmental Justice.