Gender Studies Minor

Gender is among the very first things we notice when engaging with new people. It's nearly impossible to separate it from our initial impressions. But beyond first impressions, gender continues to color our experiences throughout the life cycle.

The gender studies minor at Saint Joseph's takes an interdisciplinary approach to defining how gender impacts human behavior and opportunities. Courses examine how social structures including race, class, sexuality, and other factors impact the lived experiences of men and women. The minor allows students to take courses in theology, sociology, psychology, history, art and English, among others. Gender studies provides an intellectual framework that can be critically applied to your current and future, personal, familial, professional and civic life.

Minors are involved in many activities outside of the classroom including REPP (Rape Education and Prevention Program) and STOP (Students for Tolerance, Openness, and Pride), and have completed internships at Victims Services of Montgomery County, Women Against Abuse and various nonprofit organizations.