Educational Leadership - Education M.S.


Format Offered: On Campus or Online 


Elementary and secondary education administrators need effective leadership skills to deal with increasingly complex and demanding education environments. Current issues such as increased teacher accountability, student achievement gaps and budget shortfalls have challenged administrators in school environments to manage crisis and change while driving teacher and student success. The M.S. in educational leadership degree at Saint Joseph’s prepares students to meet these administrative challenges.

The M.S. in educational leadership is designed to support the professional development of educators seeking administrative leadership positions in their institutions. The degree is offered both on-campus and online to accommodate the needs of working adult students. The online program offers two concentration areas: public/private school focus and Catholic school focus.

Designed both for students without a teaching background who are seeking a first master’s degree as well as those working toward an administrative credential after service in the classroom, the graduate educational leadership program provides flexible options that focus on the development and preparation of reflective leaders committed to student development and social justice in schools.

Experienced classroom teachers and professionals are encouraged to apply to the program and may choose between a master’s degree with or without blended administrative certification options in such high-demand areas as principal certification, curriculum supervisor and supervisor of special education. Additionally, any combination of certification options may be completed as part of a post-master’s certificate for continued professional development as part of the campus-based program. The curriculum for each certification option is designed to blend and build with the others so that adding certification options does not require extensive additional coursework and fieldwork. The online master’s option includes the required coursework leading to Pennsylvania principal certification (K-12) and curriculum supervisor certification (K-12). All three blended certifications are offered as part our on-campus program.

Students who graduate from this program may pursue a variety of professional career options working in administrative positions in basic K-12 education and higher education. Graduates have a distinct advantage for professional advancement by combining administrative leadership and curriculum supervision and coordination.

This program of study is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and leads to an administrative/supervisory certification in principal, curriculum supervisor and/or supervisor of special education. Candidates who complete all degree and certification requirements may apply to PDE for certification.