History Major

History majors uncover the past – its mysteries, tragedies and triumphs. With the benefit of hindsight, you will investigate how previous societies have dealt with common human concerns and evaluate the outcomes. This opportunity to delve into the passions, fears and joys of those who came before us will not only engage your intellect, but will also awaken a greater sense of empathy and sensitivity for others.

Saint Joseph’s history program encourages students to become discerning researchers, critical thinkers, clear writers and historically aware global citizens. Through course work, you will develop your own sense of the past, as well as a familiarity with the political, cultural and institutional developments that have shaped the contemporary world.

Faculty members are noted experts in their areas of specialization, regularly publishing books and articles on topics as diverse as the American Civil War and the history of East Asian civilizations. But their primary focus is to provide you with an excellent, personalized education. Students are also encouraged to apply for internships and summer grants to work with historical and government associations.

A history degree affords great flexibility for your future. Graduates pursue careers in education, business, communications and public service. Many also achieve advanced degrees from top law and graduate schools.