Philosophy Major

Are you interested in the biggest questions of the human experience, like the existence of God and the nature of right and wrong? Do you find yourself drawn to debate or rational analysis, or ask questions about how things work or why things are done the way they are? Are you interested in questions that are informed by a variety of academic disciplines?

If this sounds like an accurate description of you, a major in philosophy may be your best choice. The program is designed to teach you to be an incisive logical thinker, a strong writer, oral communicator and ethical citizen. Courses emphasize an interactive approach to learning, where discussion and feedback from professors is of paramount importance. While the department enjoys strong enrollment, we have one of the best student-faculty ratios of any major: approximately 3 to 1.

Philosophy has natural connections with other disciplines, which makes it ideal to pair with another major or minor. Popular choices include psychology, English, economics and political science.

The analytical problem-solving abilities and communication skills that the major stresses are valuable in business, law and medicine. It is no accident that philosophy majors have historically scored the highest of any major nationally on the LSAT – the standardized admissions test for law school – and second only to engineering on the GRE – the parallel standardized test for graduate school.

Illustrating this trend, Saint Joseph’s philosophy majors have attended a number of the nation’s top law schools and graduate programs and have also been hired by prestigious financial firms and non-profit organizations.