Accounting Major

Accounting is the very language of business and opens doors to careers in almost any field. Accountants are out front advising senior leadership on financial systems and forecasts as well as interpreting and auditing financial statements. Our graduates work in the public and private sectors, in government, in entertainment, in law, or as entrepreneurs.

Over the last decade, the field of accounting has changed dramatically. New tax laws, shifting technology and the globalization of business have contributed to an incredibly dynamic environment, and demand for graduates with expertise in accounting has surged. According to a recent survey by the American Institute of CPAs, "newly minted accountants are some of the brightest job prospects in the nation, with nearly 90 percent of accounting firms forecasting the same or increased hiring of graduates this year, compared with 2010."

Saint Joseph’s University’s distinguished accounting curriculum is one of only three AACSB-accredited programs in Pennsylvania. Our mission is to prepare students to be responsible, competent and ethical leaders in accounting, business, government and not-for-profit careers. In addition to providing students with a comprehensive foundation in accounting, Saint Joseph's program encourages students to examine their field of study through a business ethics lens. Given the number of recent scandals affecting corporate America, this continues to be a core competency for Saint Joseph's graduates.

As an accounting major at Saint Joseph's, students will have varied opportunities to apply classroom learning to the real world. A vibrant network of industry partners supports the Accounting Internship Program which offers students unique professional experience prior to graduation. In addition, the accounting curriculum is structured to prepare graduates for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination and a Certificate of Competence in SAP R/3 software is awarded to students upon completion of core courses.