Business Administration Major

Ask a working adult if they ever use management skills in their sales job, or if a pharmacist ever uses accounting in their day-to-day work. Naturally, in every field there is an overlap of responsibilities. While it is essential for some to receive a specialized education, others know that regardless of the field into which they enter, they will need a myriad of skills.

In today’s world, it is difficult for students to know exactly what field they will want to work in after they graduate. Many students even enter college looking for a more general education, allowing for versatility in the job market into which they enter. In learning a variety of different skills and concepts, students and graduates can search for a wider variety of jobs and feel equipped to perform well in all of them.

A degree in business administration from Saint Joseph’s University gives students a healthy cross-section of courses in finance, accounting, business intelligence, food marketing, management, and pharmaceutical & healthcare marketing, in addition to some courses offered in the College of Arts & Sciences. Furthermore, in the tradition of Jesuit education and comprehensive learning, Saint Joseph’s provides a focus in each discipline on the moral and ethical challenges facing business today.

Business administration students also have a wide variety of opportunities beyond the classroom. With the American Marketing Association, Delta Sigma Pi, and the Entrepreneurship Society among the many extra-curricular offerings, SJU students are able to apply their classroom skills and begin doing in addition to learning.