Chemical Biology Major

The interdisciplinary chemical biology major, offered jointly by the Departments of Biology and Chemistry, gives students the tools to understand the chemical processes occurring at the molecular level in biological systems. The program’s hallmark is that all students are required to engage in faculty-directed independent research projects. Through this work, majors apply the principles they have learned in the classroom and laboratory to the solution of real-world scientific problems, and also gain hands-on experience in the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation, data analysis and interpretation. Chemical Biology majors have presented their research at local, regional and national meetings and in scientific journals, and are nominated regularly for Phi Beta Kappa honors and prestigious science awards.

The program provides a strong academic background for students interested in pursuing careers that lie at the interface between chemistry and biology in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biochemical industries. Program alumni have also been accepted into top professional programs in medicine and public health. Recent graduates have gone on to careers in cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, pharmacy and pharmacology, medicine, biotechnology, forensic science, and neuroscience.