Education - Elementary and Middle School Education (Grades 4 - 8)

Each day, late elementary and middle school students face the challenges of early adolescence. On top of classwork and homework, pre-teen learners are also building their identities and trying to understand their place in social circles and communities. It's no surprise that at such a volatile age, academics are often the least of students' concerns.

Elementary and middle school teachers have the unique task of educating pre-teen and early teen learners while helping them navigate the trials of growing up. At Saint Joseph's, a distinguished faculty works with aspiring teachers to confront critical questions, learn pedagogical theories and practices, and understand the development of adolescent minds. In addition to concentrating on a specific content area -- social studies, science, mathematics or English/literacy -- elementary and middle school education courses emphasize instructional techniques, adolescent development and the role of schools in society.

Students who complete the elementary and middle school education program maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and pass the required Praxis exams -- knowledge and skill assessment exams required for certification -- can apply for Pennsylvania Level 1 teacher certification. The Office of Student Teaching and Field Experiences is available to help majors coordinate the required lab or field experiences, as well as their full-time, 14-week student teaching placement.