Business Intelligence and Analytics M.S.

Format Offered: On Campus or Online 


Preparing 21st Century Professionals

Saint Joseph's University’s Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics program prepares students to be leaders in their organizations who can leverage organizational knowledge and find success in their data. This focus prepares 21st century professionals to drive organizational performance in all functional areas by using data to develop new opportunities, gain competitive advantage, identify effective strategies, and improve decision-making.


The Competitive Advantage of a STEM Degree

Our Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics is a STEM-designated program that sets graduates apart from their peers as they develop the skills most sought by senior leadership in this data-driven business environment.  Designed for students who are interested in using data to advance their organization's strategic priorities, as well as their own careers, this program has the added value of:

Real Data, Real Experience

Students will work with real data and case studies to develop analytical skills that are immediately applicable and relevant across diverse industries, creating value for themselves and their organizations. 

Additionally, the SAS Institute has endorsed the Master of Science in Business Intelligence & Analytics program and presents those who complete the degree with a Business Intelligence Certificate, certified by SAS. This certificate gives graduates of the program a valuable competitive advantage in the professional arena, especially when proficiency in data mining and business intelligence are essential.


Customize Your Study

Students may complete their course of study on a full or part-time basis, with an on-campus or online program available. 

Follow one of four career-enriching tracks to meet your individual needs:

  • Cyber Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • General Business Intelligence
  • Data Science
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