Food Marketing Major

Possibly the most popular undergraduate program at Saint Joseph's, the food marketing major provides Haub School of Business (HSB) students with an in-depth study of major manufacturers, supply chains, marketing, sales and more. Graduates of food marketing move on to job placements with major companies including Merck Consumer Care, General Mills, Wal-Mart and Nestlé, as well as supply companies and advertising and consulting agencies.

A unique aspect of the Food Marketing Department is that most of the faculty have worked full time in the food industry and have practical, first-hand experience in the field in which they teach. Students learn about important issues from faculty who inform and influence the industry and public policy sectors about them. In addition, food marketing students have the advantage of strong ties to the food industry for job opportunities after they graduate, and are able to take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities to get them there. For example, the major's own specialty library, the Campbell Collection in the Post Learning Commons, is one of the largest repositories of food industry information in the world.

Food marketing majors not only utilize the opportunities of their education at Saint Joseph's, but are also granted opportunities to travel to major food conferences. These conferences include the Food Marketing Institute in Chicago, National Grocers Association in Las Vegas, Private Label Manufacturers Association in Chicago, the Produce Marketing Association meeting in different cities every year, and many others. They can also choose to use their classroom skills in SJU's backyard by diving into service learning opportunities in the city of Philadelphia.

Job opportunities are also available to students through the increasingly popular four or five year co-op program. Based off the most recent survey (2012), the average starting salary for a Food Marketing major is $45,850 with an average bonus of $3,650.