Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Sustainability Major

In response to the changing relationship of business to the environment and society, Saint Joseph's introduced the Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability major in 2010. The major is designed to develop globally responsible leaders, who enable businesses to serve the common good and contribute to the transformation of business and the economy. If you're looking for an academic program that will help you learn concepts and skills to be a leader who cares about long-term, sustainable effectiveness, you've come to the right place.

While most business schools wait to introduce this kind of leadership development until the graduate curriculum, Saint Joseph's introduced the Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability major to encourage undergraduate students to re-examine business practices in light of social, environmental, political and economic shifts.

The objective of the major is to develop leaders whose goal is to lead and work for the greater good. This includes several components, including leadership, social responsibility, ethics and justice.

Leading for the greater good involves an awareness of and striving for success as defined by the widely accepted sustainability principle, the triple bottom line of people, planet, profit.  This triple bottom line encompasses the need for developing shared value that generates fair profit, provides for human well-being, and consciously stewards natural resources, lifestyles that minimize pollution, organizations that are socially responsible, societies that recognize the importance of fairness, and principled individuals who behave in an ethical manner.


Based off the most recent survey (2016), the average starting salary for a Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability major is $50,200.