Psychology Major

Knowing how and why people do the things they do can explain a lot of the events of daily life. Human and animal behavior is directly linked to the processes of the mind; by understanding and appreciating those processes, psychology majors work toward improving people's lives by anticipating, analyzing and developing reaction and interaction.

Psychology majors at Saint Joseph's gain the theoretical and scientific framework necessary to excel in research, practical application of academic study and multiple career paths. Students are encouraged to be intellectually curious, socially responsible and become independent learners. The goal is for all students to learn a new way to see the world, themselves and their peers, and to promote a life-long commitment to social justice and learning. Psychology prepares graduates for careers in psychological services in schools, hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers and social service agencies, as well as fields in the corporate sector including human resources, organizational psychology, conflict resolution and law.

In addition to psychology coursework, majors are expected to participate in research studies housed in the psychology department, attend special lectures and read relevant research articles as part of their degree requirements. These requirements broaden students' understanding of the scientific process, research practices and theoretical perspectives.