Computer Science Major

Computer science is the driving force behind changing high technology fields worldwide. Many fields of human endeavor have been significantly changed as a result of the use of computers, and the pace of these changes has continued to accelerate. Entering such a rapidly evolving field requires problem solving skills, attention to detail and the technological knowledge to succeed.

A major in computer science allows students to become part of an exciting, fast-paced and pervasive industry. No matter the enterprise, computer science plays a role, from the websites patrons access to the policies designed to moderate them. The next generation's theorists, designers and inventors, computer science majors are encouraged to approach their work with disciplined thought and persistence.

At Saint Joseph's, students build a strong academic and technological foundation while gaining real-world experience through research and internships with local companies. In addition to coursework in basic computer technologies, majors also benefit from specialized classes in artificial intelligence, game programming, graphics and web technologies. Graduates are prepared for careers in consulting, communications, information science, computer programming, information technology and systems analysis.