Information Technology (IT) Major

In almost any job market, IT professionals are in demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in its employment projections for 2018, noted, “Jobs for computer specialists will be driven by the continuing need for businesses, government agencies and other organizations to adopt the latest technologies.”

Saint Joseph’s information technology major enables students to maintain a business network infrastructure. With a curriculum focused on designing, developing, deploying and maintaining computer‐based systems, IT professionals are integral assets to any organization. Graduates are qualified to work as IT consultants, web developers and software engineers, and to pursue a master’s degree in a related field.

An interdisciplinary program, the IT major incorporates courses in computer science, economics, finance, accounting, and business intelligence, preparing students to work both in computer science, and the business world. The curriculum provides a foundation in financial and managerial accounting, while offering courses in data structures, computer architecture, discrete structures and database systems. Students who wish to study IT with a stronger focus in math and science can also consider the SJU’s computer science major.