Related Programs

Saint Joseph’s University’s Biology MA program exposes you to all levels of biological organization, from the sub-cellular to the broad ecosystem. With the ability to complete a master’s degree full-time or part-time, the program is ideal for students looking to pursue admission to a professional school program, or for those looking to earn a promotion within the secondary education system or a corporate setting.

Whether you’re already working in the healthcare field and want to advance your career, or you seek to move into the high-demand industry of health IT, the Master of Science in Health Informatics could be right for you.

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling MS program at Saint Joseph’s University will prepare you to work as a licensed counselor serving clients, including individuals and families, who struggle with addiction, relational difficulties, self-harm, thoughts of suicide and mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. The 60-credit program includes 700 hours of supervised fieldwork and an optional built-in certificate in addiction counseling.