Business Intelligence and Analytics Major

What is business intelligence and analytics (BIA)? Well, it starts with data. Advances in technology have helped organizations collect mountains of data ranging from customer preferences to trends in sales. The business intelligence and analytics major at Saint Joseph's trains students to help these organizations make sense of this data and use the information to make strategic business decisions.

According to a recent survey spearheaded by leading technology and research company Gartner, this field is a top priority for CIOs nationwide.

While other universities offer information technology as a major to students, Saint Joseph's structured the BIA major to educate students about more than just technology. While students learn various software tools, the real advantage to the program is that students learn how to use these tools, interpret the data and identify important business trends.

The great thing about this area of study is that it's not industry-specific. Saint Joseph's business intelligence alumni work in a variety of fields engaged in interesting research for their organizations. For example, some monitor blogs, social media and newspaper articles to present their companies with critical information about consumer sentiment. Another alum works for the military and uses business intelligence software to identify and avoid potential threats. Others use the software to track census data and make decisions on where to build new franchises.

To thrive in today's business world, employees must rapidly make complex decisions and those decisions demand insight. BI graduates offer employers great potential and new profitable discoveries.