Marketing M.S. Specializations

International Marketing Specialization - On Campus

The On Campus International Marketing specialization within the Master of Science in Marketing degree prepares professionals for the global marketplace by taking them across borders and cultures to learn about the world's most dynamic markets and trends. Consistent with the University's Jesuit mission, the program incorporates ethics and social justice into all coursework, offering you an appreciation of global business in all its dimensions. Students will gain expertise in the areas of:

  • Global Culture and Consumers
  • Global Marketing Communications
  • International Product Development and Brand Management
  • International Channel Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Research

Make Global Connections: Study Tour

In addition to broadening your horizons through dynamic class-room discussions,and learning from world-class faculty, you will have the opportunity to explore new cultures during an international study tour. In addition to tuition for the study tour course, students will also be charged a travel fee for the course. 

Diverse Learning Environment

The program is brought to life with the help of our international and cosmopolitan student body, which greatly enhances cross-cultural awareness. Students come from a variety of business and non-business backgrounds which provides for an academically rich classroom environment.    


Customer Analytics and Insights Specialization- Online

The Online Customer Analytics and Insights specialization within the Master of Science in Marketing degree prepares 21st century marketing professionals to become experts in understanding customers in the era of big-data. You will learn how to develop and support an integrated, informed and strategic marketing plan, so your organization can quickly adapt to customer demands and market trends. 

Become a Marketing Expert

From a market-sensing, customer-focused perspective you will learn how to leverage marketing, information, and technology, helping you stay one step ahead of your competition.  Students will gain expertise in the areas of:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing Research Methods
  • Advertising and Consumer Insights
  • Digital Marketing and Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics

Professionally Rich Classroom Environment

The program includes students from a variety of business and non-business backgrounds and is suited for marketing professionals looking to enhance their technical tool-kit as well as those just starting their marketing career. This student mix provides for an academically and professionally rich classroom environment.