International Business Minor

For young professionals entering the workplace, knowledge of foreign affairs is becoming crucial. For marketers, what is popular or common practice in the U.S. is quite different from that of Spain or Japan. For financiers, working with the conversions from dollars to Euros is necessary in many businesses. The international business minor provides an opportunity for non-business students to acquire essential knowledge for expanding their management skills, including an exposure to international management and other areas of international business.

The International Business Department at Saint Joseph's offers both major and minor courses in international marketing, finance and management, as well as a capstone course in Global Strategic Planning. The international business program at SJU is interdisciplinary in nature. Students take a variety of courses exploring the international dimensions of business, as well as other courses in the College of Arts and Sciences that enhance knowledge of other countries and cultures. In addition, students are encouraged to study abroad or participate in a study tour to gain direct exposure to an international experience. This versatile minor can be paired with majors in foreign languages, international relations, economics, or any number of disciplines that will help to create a well-rounded experience.